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Crystal Therapy

Crystal therapy has been used for centuries to help treat the body from injuries or ailments. Individual stones have the ability to communicate with the energy flow of the body, helping to realign their energy channels. Both physical and emotional ailments can be assisted by using crystals.


What the method does

Specific crystals can be used for the particular problem the horse has. Each crystal has different properties which enable them to be used for different problems.

The electromagnetic charge within each crystal has healing vibrations, each crystal is unique and has different frequencies which affect the body in a powerful way. They work to remove blockages around the body and ensure a natural flow of energy is promoted.


This helps the body to stay in balance, ensuring all body systems and particularly the immune system is kept clear and as healthy as possible. This helps the horse become more resilient, stronger and less susceptible to injury or illness.

Hannah loves finding the right crystal for each horse and seeing the benefits both shot and long term.

How the method can help

Crystals have a very positive effect for horses, they respond extremely well to energy healing. They prefer healing on a level they can understand and resonate with, which is why such great results are achieved.

Crystals can help with specific injuries such as relieving scar tissue, kick injuries, muscular tension, performance injuries, tendon injuries and areas of pain. If an area in the body is stuck or finding it hard to let go, Hannah will use a crystal first which shifts the energy for the area to then release on a more physical level - it works every time!

Hannah also uses crystals as a form of relaxation and uses them to balance the horse's chakras. This is really important to heal all layers and levels of the body.

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