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Pain & restriction free with a softer mind & body


"Her patience, kind and gentle attitude, as well as her knowledge, helps not only the horse to relax but us as the owner too. I cannot recommend Hannah enough"

The Problem

I was called in to help Honey because she was severely restricted in her shoulders which became a major problem because she was unable to lift her fore legs for the farrier. Her muscles were tight through her poll, neck, shoulders, back and hind end. She was also restricted in her hocks making day to day life uncomfortable.

Honey was very guarded and emotionally shut down. She also had a tendency to stress and worry. She didn't know how to relax in either her mind or body. She'd previously show jumped, evented and hacked out.

Her back muscles were tense due to her saddle fit, so she needed help releasing her tension here.

The Solution

Honey needed a series of sessions to help resolve her issues. I begun with Reiki and bodywork focusing on her most restricted areas. I started releasing her shoulders energetically, moving onto the fascia. I then worked with her muscles surrounding her scapulas releasing them layer by layer. I continued with this process until I could work under the scapula and also release C7, which was very restricted.

This process took time and each session I saw her I had work to do on her scapulas. Her muscle elasticity improved over time, to the point her shoulders were no longer the focus in sessions. I moved onto the rest of her body specifically her hocks, hind end muscles and pelvis.

I also used oils and herbs with Honey, helping to reduce her pain and encourage her to open up emotionally and let go of trauma she was holding onto.

The Results

Honey is now pain and restriction free, having no trouble lifting any of her limbs for the farrier. He has noticed a dramatic improvement in her mobility and flexibility, making it a far better experience for them both. Honey's whole body is more softer, relaxed and flexible making it easier for her to use her body. She made significant progress, which allowed her to increase her work load and even compete again!

Honey learnt to let go on a level she'd never experienced before, she reconnected spiritually which allowed her to enter a meditative state which is why she could reach the levels of relaxation. She was so relaxed she almost fell over which was an amazing result for such a guarded mare when we first started working together. Thank you to Sophie and Collete for trusting the process and giving Honey her life back.


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