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I started receiving Reiki, collecting crystals and using essential oils when I was six years old. I was brought back to the magic of healing when I was 21 after being diagnosed with an incurable medical condition.

Reiki and energy clearing saved my life and I trained as a practitioner a couple of years later in 2013.

I applied all I knew from my own healing journey to my horse Phoenix with amazing results.

I have helped 100's of horses and changed the lives of many horses and owners.

I am a fully qualified and insured Masterson Method Certified Practitioner, Reiki Master, Therapist and Remedial Saddle Fitter. My equine consultancy began in 2013 and I am always striving to bring the best experience to the horse. Horses are incredibly close to my heart, I can connect with them on a deep level, building trust and a strong bond.

Phoenix was the best gift I've ever received. She came to me because we rescued her Mum and 8 months later a beautiful chestnut filly arrived. She was orphaned at 2 months old. We have overcome many situations together, including emotional trauma, injuries, performance problems, body tension, poor posture, stress, attachment issues, loading problems, poor saddle fit and fears ~ overcoming them all in a holistic & compassionate way.

Working and travelling internationally learning from some of the World's best, has contributed towards my vast experience working with horses, along with my own intuition and natural ability playing a huge role.

I competed in local shows and Cross Country before turning my hand to Western riding and Natural Horsemanship. I then pursued Classical riding and posture based training, having respect for and understanding the importance of the biomechanics of the horse.


I enjoy Historical Dressage and riding out in the Welsh hills. I'm always learning, I travelled to Holland to attend a whole horse dissection, which ignited my passion for biomechanics and the whole horse connection even further. My philosophy is inspired by the Celts and the way they saw their horses as sacred beings, having great respect for them. Their horse was a true athlete with the skills of classical training to perform the high level battle manoeuvres required. In order to survive, they were kept in the best condition with unwavering dedication to health, biomechanics, correct saddle fit and connection.

I created my own unique formula from my success with energy work, therapies, bodywork, saddle fitting and training to help horses in a holistic and caring way.


I take a different approach than most practitioners out there:

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NO. 02
NO. 03

I believe the spiritual foundation is the key to true health & happiness and that this is the first step towards resolving issues.

All physical illness begins with imbalanced emotions which haven't been dealt with.

I believe everyone has the ability to do this work & is why I want to help you help your own horse.


Simply put, I love helping horses to reconnect with themselves & spirit and help you achieve everything you've ever dreamed of with them.

I live in beautiful North Wales with my Tabby (Sabre), Ragdoll (Savannah) & Australian Shepherd (Marilyn Monroe). They also love healing, oils and crystals - the first thing my Raggie did when she arrived home was snuggle up next to my Amethyst crystal which is nearly as big as she was! Therapies helped save Sabre's life this year ~ the vet was amazed how healthy his gut was after removing the object he'd eaten. And when Marly had a phantom pregnancy, she ingested fennel oil for two days which reset her hormones and her symptoms completely disappeared on the third day.


Let's have a chat about your horse and see what life-changing results we can make...

Coming soon...

Get On-Demand tutorials on YouTube

A library of 'how to' videos to watch at your leisure. Under 15 minute videos to get you started. Let me know what results you get with your horse! And don't forget to tag @sabre.holistic.therapies

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