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Still have questions?

No. 1 How do I know when my horse needs to visit you?

Your horse needs to come to the retreat if they have never been worked on spiritually or emotionally, if they are currently suffering with behavioural or physical issues or you want your horse to experience deep levels of relaxation with transformational and lasting results.

No. 2 What differences will I see in my horse?

The differences you will see in your horse can include deeper levels of relaxation, they calm down more quickly, they don't spook so much or so often, their negative behavioural tendencies will reduce, they will be happier, feel more safe and will be able to focus and connect with you more easily. You may see your bond together flourish, including increased desire to work and more contentment in the job they do. If your aim is to compete you can expect to move up the rankings more quickly and effortlessly.

No. 3 What qualifications does Hannah have?

Hannah is a certified Masterson Method Practitioner, qualified Horse 1st Remedial Saddle Fitter, SMS qualified Saddle Flocker, Usui Reiki Master and Angelic Reiki Master. Hannah has learnt from some of the World's best and has been working with horses since 2013.

No. 4 Are you insured?

Yes, for both Hannah's work and the retreat. Your horse is in very safe hands. Before your horse comes to stay, you will be asked to fill in a questionnaire at the time of signing the retreat agreement.

No. 5 What is the retreat stay process?

Once you've booked your horse in and signed the agreement, they'll arrive with us for their 5 day stay. The week will always be booked from Monday to Friday, we ask that your horse arrives on the Monday morning and be collected on the Friday afternoon. During the retreat stay Hannah will update you with photos and videos to help peace of mind and to show you their releases. On the Friday afternoon when you collect your horse, Hannah will go though your horse's experience with you, letting you know what was released and the changes she has seen in your horse. You'll be sent a report the following week, highly detailed with suggestions for therapies, bodywork techniques, essential oils, herbs and anything else applicable to further help your horse.

No. 6 Want a done-for-you service?

If you're stuck for time or you live far away, we will be on-site to meet your horse and load them to go back home. We have teamed up with Heath Transport if you require transport, they are a very professional and friendly service with your horse's best interests at heart. If you choose this option, Hannah will catch up with you on a video call at a convenient time to go through the details of your horse's stay.

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