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The first equine treatment centre of it's kind, for complete relaxation & rejuvenation.

Are you ready for the transformation?

Rediscover the


Step into another realm where your horse can experience transformational therapies for their mind, body & soul. 


Where will your journey with your horse take you?

The truth is these are horses who need help

Too often I hear people say 'there is nothing wrong with my horse, I have no concerns' followed by... he's difficult to load sometimes, he spooks on the cross country course, he stresses a lot, he bites when the saddle is placed on him, sometimes he rears during ridden work… the list is endless. These behaviours have become the norm to people, but the truth is these are horses who need help. It’s time to change their story.

The physical, mental, emotional & spiritual dimensions of the horse are all worked with. Without each of these dimensions being in balance your horse cannot achieve the highest form of health available to them. This is nothing new, but has sadly been forgotten.


Competition riders carry so much on their shoulders, as do their horses. The retreat is the perfect solution to release tension, restriction, worries, stress and pressure. Think of it as a reset button to start fresh and new with vigour, inspiration, excitement and calmness. The last 18 months has been tough, whether you’ve lost your enthusiasm, want to increase performance or build a better relationship with your horse, the retreat is for you.

Imagine the issue you’re experiencing and rate it on a scale from 1-10 with 1 being worst and 10 being best - be really honest with yourself. Then imagine the score you’d like it to be at. If these numbers don’t match up there is work to be done. The retreat is a non-judgemental and safe place you can voice what’s really going on.

"The results speak for themselves, the retreat is truly life-changing and everyone should get to experience it"

My core work uncovers the root cause behind issues and releases them through the varied modalities I use. I work with the horse as a whole, as everything is connected.

I have successful kissing spines cases, worked closely with horses who couldn’t be caught or touched, changed the behaviour of aggressive horses, brought horses back into work who were written off by everyone else, solved persistent saddle fit issues, extended the life of older restricted horses who couldn’t lift their limbs for the farrier, increased the safety of bargy horses with no manners, changed the posture of horses struggling with tension, calmed very stressed horses who were deemed dangerous, reduced the severity of colic, helped horses get back up after falling on the floor in pain and much more.


I love nothing more than bringing a horse back to life, in every aspect of their being

The experience your horse is destined for. Book your horse in for limitless potential.

See you on the other side...


Toby's Story

When he first arrived


After one week of treatment


After 2 weeks of treatment

Toby's story

Toby came to me because the relationship with his rider had broken down, he became aggressive so was turned away. He had suspected back pain and negative behaviour when ridden. He'd lived out for months before coming to me at the retreat.

When he arrived, I’d describe him as being stuck in the sympathetic nervous system phase, with cortisol consistently being released into his system. This was causing his stress and insecurities. He was bargy with no respect for boundaries and wanted to be in charge. At first, he didn't like me working on the left side of his body and would manoeuvre himself to block me. Working with him was a process, I started with essential oils to help him relax. The oils he chose told me what was going on physically and emotionally for him. He chose oils for stress, depression, muscle soreness and joint stiffness.

I then started working with him on a spiritual level with Usui Reiki & Angelic Reiki to help him release his tension and start to build a bond with him and to help him trust me. Following on from the energy work, I started the bodywork to release tension on a surface layer, working with the fascia and superficial muscles.

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