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Empowering Equestrians

Here to support you & your horse

If your horse needs to release tension, realign, reduce stress or pain they need help.

And that's what I specialise in. I've helped hundreds of horses release the root cause of their issue. Helping them to find balance, peace and happiness.

Create a retreat space in the comfort of your own stable, or join me at the Sabre Holistic Retreat.


I have exciting additions to my services, enabling me to help you and your horse in a deeper and more varied way.

Learn from one of the World's best on your own horse, in the comfort of your own stable. I have a unique approach following my own methodology which resolves your horse's issues on all levels.

For the first time, this knowledge can be passed down to you. Take advantage of this incredible opportunity and learn the techniques your horse needs specifically for them at this time. Receive insightful and powerful tools to support your horse, both before and after they visit the retreat.

Times are changing... join me on this revolutionary path towards more enlightened and spiritual equines.

Wishing you could do more for your horse ends now. 


It's time more horses experienced the therapies available to them. Through energy work, therapies, bodywork & interactive saddle fitting your horse can be happier, healthier and live a more fulfilling life.

Learn to enjoy your horse more and develop the bond you've always dreamed of.

Tune into your horse, connect with them on an energetic level and communicate with them.

Changing the equine world one horse at a time...

The benefits of Sabre Holistics

When you know there is something wrong with your horse, it can be hard to know who to turn to. There are so many different modalities and approaches. Sabre holistic therapies is the perfect way to begin your horse's healing process. My methodology works so well because the spiritual health is worked with first. This is the core foundation of lasting healing and amazing results are achieved working on this higher level alone. I then work with the emotions, I believe the emotions cause the physical symptoms apparent to us in the body, so it's vital the emotional blocks are cleared early on in the healing process. I then work with the physical body releasing any tension & restriction which has accumulated in the muscles, joints, ligaments, tendons and fascia. When each of these levels are worked with and combined, the true majesty of healing happens.


I work with horses in an inclusive & holistic way caring for your horse on every level and in different aspects. My passion is also to teach you the signs to look for when your horse isn't happy or emotionally balanced, because when you can do this and act on it, you will be able to reduce the risk of an injury or physical symptoms occurring. My teaching includes bodywork techniques to release tension in your horse, help you choose the right essential oils which will help your horse the most with the current issue they have, which herbs will support your horse, changes to make with the saddle placement or padding, the use of balance pads, gut support, training techniques and much more.

When your horse visits the retreat, you will be offered a half day of training on the Friday afternoon before you take your horse home. This is also when we go through the findings during the week, what treatments your horse has had and how to support your horse going forward in both the short & long-term. I absolutely love retreat stays, working with your horse on a very intimate level and hearing about the differences the treatments have on your horse in their day-to-day lives once they have returned back home ~ be careful though, I often want to keep them after their transformation!

When you're ready to...

... work with one of the best in the field for mind, body & soul rejuvenation

... let go of traditional thinking, embrace the new & embark on a transformational healing journey

... build the connection you've always wanted with your horse

... be open minded and explore the depths your horse has to offer

... achieve everything you've dreamed of with your equine partner

Let's get you to where you want to be with your horse...

With methods which work and last

I really love what I do.

If I could work with every horse on the planet believe me I would! Working in this way helps me to reach more horses and not just in the UK, but Worldwide too.

My own horse Phoenix is the product of what I do. She is happy, healthy, rarely becomes ill or gets injured, expresses herself and gives so much love. We trust each other implicitly and know what each other is thinking before we think it. We are two hearts beating as one and I think everyone should get to experience that with their horse.

How often do I do bodywork or some form of therapies? Honestly? Every single day. I am very in tune with her and know what she needs and when. You too can learn to trust your intuition and give your horse what they need in that moment. Horses should receive therapies and bodywork far more often than they do. You can change that by working with me and becoming their therapist yourself.

Bring magic into your everyday life with your horse. Help each other through the winding roads ahead and achieve everything you've ever dreamed of with your beloved equine partner.


"Me and my horse Jasper have had the loveliest and relaxed days with Hannah coming to our yard for a holistic day. I loved the groundwork session learning about how I can improve Jasper's way of working through groundwork, he was even beginning to relieve tension in his body. Jasper loved his essential oil, reiki and bodywork session and it was great to see him so relaxed. Would highly recommend and can't wait to have Hannah back out again in the future."

- Hayley Griffiths, Cheshire


"I honestly cannot believe how much of an improvement Honey is making at each session and how Hannah's techniques are making a difference in her schooling and day-to-day attitude. She is such a guarded horse that to relax in the way she does during sessions and continues to in the weeks after is amazing and that's down to Hannah!! Her patience, kind and gentle attitude, as well as her knowledge, helps not only the horse to relax but us as the owner too. I cannot recommend Hannah enough."

- Sophie Dean, Flintshire

Let's get you the results you're looking for,

how to work with me:

Start the process

3 Hour Mind, Body &  Spirit Session

High-level consultation & healing for your horse or joint horse & owner session


            You're looking for an intimate experience with the root issue being worked on

            It's time to get someone else to help, giving their expert opinion and hands on experience

            You're too close to your horse and your situation and need a fresh pair of eyes to help you move forward

            Your relationship with your horse has broken down, you've lost your confidence or you need support in achieving your goals

             You want an all-inclusive first class session for your horse, with all the energy & body systems being worked on including; skeletal, muscular, nervous, digestive and fascia systems.

An in-depth experience to get to the root cause of the issue to resolve it more quickly. Your horse's spiritual & emotional health is worked with first. This step is crucial to achieving the heights of your dreams and to move forward in a positive way.

Get a head start in having an emotional relationship & connection with your horse and start seeing the results sooner. We have lots of fun during these sessions and they can get emotional... for you too I mean!

Sessions will be individually tailored to give you and your horse the best experience possible. Sessions are a safe space you can voice what's really going on, where you receive healing, guidance and a plan to give you a leg up in the right direction. 

Static & dynamic evaluation

Consultation for emotional, behavioural or physical issues

Deep healing session for Mind, Body & Soul





£297 GBP


Chose between an intensive 3 hour session for your horse or a joint session with them to build trust

Payment plan available, pay in 3 £100 instalments

6 Week Programme


£900 GBP

Accelerate your horse's progress with tailored weekly programmes



            You want to help your horse with an in-depth programme suited to their needs and issues

            You're already doing therapies and want to know you're doing the right techniques for the issue in hand

            You want to advance your horse to the next level in a 6 or 12 week timeframe

            You have an important competition coming up and you need your horse performing at their very best

Work 1-1 with me with a specific goal in mind, whether it's to improve performance at your next competition or improve your partnership with your horse to achieve the best relationship you've ever had with them.

Have your horse performing at the very top of their game with happiness, health and heart in their stride. Achieve a connection with them like you've never felt before and become the dream team you've always wanted.

Treatment Programmes




12 Week Programme


1.5 Hour Sessions Each Week

Bespoke packages available. Accelerate your programme with weekly 3 hour sessions

The Performance Programme & The Partnership Programme

Everything from physical issues to relationship problems worked with



£1,497 GBP



A life-changing luxury retreat stay for mind, body & soul rejuvenation


            You want the very best holistic care and therapies, a decadent pamper and peaceful retreat experience for your horse

            You compete at a high level and need your horse in the best possible health, pre & post competition

            Your horse needs the ultimate relaxation experience and to immerse their senses after a competition or stressful event

            Your horse has deep trauma which will take many sessions to release, with a week stay being more beneficial to them than individual sessions

This is a therapy stay like no other, looking after your horse on an intimate and professional level. It's much more than a rehab stay, your horse will feel like they're coming home by re-connecting to spirit, allowing their body to heal on all dimensions.

Think Four Seasons crossed with Song Saa island retreat. A chance for your horse to experience the first spiritual sanctuary of it's kind. Let your worries drift away and give your horse the best gift you could give them ~ a journey of escapism & indulgence...

The Sabre Holistic Retreat




Unlimited 1-1 tailored treatments everyday

Spiritual healing, Energy clearing & Balancing

A Transformational experience on all levels

The retreat stay is valued at £2,997, book now to take advantage of this special introductory offer.

Because you could keep using the same traditional methods, hacking away at the same issues and get the same results. Constantly comparing yourself to your competition or peers, wondering how to get that beautiful connection and edge...


You could cut to the chase.

By working with me, the underlying issues you are facing will be identified more quickly and a solution offered at the time your horse is worked with. The Retreat is a unique place where horse & owner come together as one. On the last day of the retreat when you collect your horse, you are offered a healing session to improve the relationship with your horse. We also go through bodywork techniques you can continue doing with your horse.

I'm standing by and ready to help...

Where Spirituality & 
Science come together

Leading the way in equine wellbeing, compassion and performance.


I'll treat your horse like my own...

It's important to me that we're a good fit for each other. I value my clients highly and want the very best for their horses. You don't have to believe in spiritual therapies for them to work, but I do ask that you keep an open mind and listen to your horse about the changes happening.

...Get ready for the magic to happen

I tend to book up so go ahead and fill in a contact form TODAY. It's best to book your horse in ahead of time, to release emotional & physical tension before they become an issue. Preventative care is always better than emergency care, along with competition preparation to have your horse performing at their very best.

Are you ready for the journey?

Coming soon...

Get On-Demand tutorials on YouTube

A library of 'how to' videos to watch at your leisure. Under 15 minute videos to get you started. Let me know what results you get with your horse! Don't forget to tag @sabre.holistics

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