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Hannah Jones MMCP 
Horse Healer

I offer a holistic horse health service for mind, body & soul. I use energy and bodywork techniques to help everything from physical issues to relationship problems healing on all levels


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Creating conscious connection with care

and performance. The link you didn't know was missing

Result of working with me:


"I'm so glad I asked Hannah to treat Miko. I imported a Spanish horse a few years ago and although he was safe to hack out he never felt quite connected, almost feeling as if I was riding two different horses with a gap in the middle. Doing straightness and in hand work has helped but there was still something missing. Hannah has worked on Miko for several months now and after each treatment I have noticed an improvement in Miko's movement and confidence in his balance. This week I've actually experienced him connecting through from behind and carrying me with ease in trot, so exciting to see this improvement. Miko loves his sessions with Hannah, she really does help them to heal."

Jill Griffith ~ Cheshire



"Wow wow wow! I'm crying with a mixture of such sadness for him but total gratitude that you could reach him. I'm glad he let you in and I'm made up he lay down with sheer relief. I'm over the moon he feels better and can relax more to let go. I'm not shocked at what you've picked up but to hear his messaging feels raw with his pain. I did suspect his past wasn't very nice and I'm glad he knows we will look after him. Your insight is mind blowing and exciting. It's been absolutely wonderful! I'm so looking forward to building my boy's trust and with the healing I bet his chest will extend with pride and love for himself/others. I've just turned them all out and they're very peaceful in the field. Thank you so much from me and my furry crew. This is definitely what we all needed!!"

Andrea McCabe ~ Lymm


Because what's life without that soul level bond

It's time to dive deep and unlock the potential between you and your horse. Communication, connection & clarity is everything.


If you don't know the level of spiritual & emotional health in your horse, we have a problem, and this is where I come in.

The spiritual health of your horse is the foundation to their overall wellbeing. I balance their emotions, clear trauma, relieve stress and strengthen their spiritual connection.

let's get started...

Spiritually cleansed

This is where it all starts, to purify and rejuvenate the core of your horse's inner world. It is a process of both letting go and taking in. Unhealed incidents grow like something toxic and take over the light of the energy field. They must be released for your horse to be at their highest vibration which is where they belong. Being in the light gives your horse comfort and clarity, reducing fear and being overwhelmed. When they are cleansed and connected they feel protected and safe.

Emotionally balanced

Balancing your horse's emotions empowers them to be expressive and rationalise their feelings in a healthy way. This helps to stabilise their behaviour as they don't internalise the emotions which can lead to physical symptoms.  How emotionally balanced your horse is represented by how calm they are and how they react to stimulus. The more balanced they are the safer you & your horse will be. The opposite creates fear, neuroses and a lack of trust, increasing the chances of an accident.

Physically sound

An imbalanced body leads to more rapid ageing, the body breaks down more easily and loses elasticity. Your horse being physically sound heavily relies on their emotional & spiritual state. The emotional & physical body are intertwined and affect one another intricately. Both must be addressed before the unreleased negative energy transpires as physical symptoms in the body. For your horse to have the best chance of staying physically sound they must have both body & soul treatment.


So you've got your team of experts on board to help you achieve your goals. You understand the value of holistic care for your horse from a vet, chiro & physio perspective. Your horse is doing well and seems to be happy. This is all great! BUT...

Are you looking after the spiritual & emotional side of your horse? And how do you know?

I'm here to guide you, supporting your horse on another level. My work determines the true happiness of your horse, how spiritually strong they are, how relaxed their mind & body are and how resilient they are against life's winding roads, injuries and performance requirements.

If you want to experience the very best in your horse, in all dimensions then you are in the right place. I'm so happy you're here and can't wait to get chatting.

"It has been amazing and so emotional to watch his journey with Hannah. He trusts her implicitly and the bond between them is something magical"


Our lovely boy Toby spent a number of weeks at the retreat with Hannah. His behaviour had changed and the relationship with his rider (our young daughter) had broken down. He showed no obvious signs of injury or pain, but he was not himself. A friend recommended we ask Hannah to take a look at him, advising us she could assess his back, check his saddle and work with him spiritually and behaviourally. It sounded just what we needed.

Hannah worked with Toby offering the whole package whilst he stayed at the retreat with her. He is a totally different pony following his stay. She has worked with him on such an incredible level, looking after not just his physical health but his well-being also.

He is in much better shape, more relaxed, back to his usual self and has learnt some riding manners, he has responded so well to a different approach Hannah has shown him/us in asking things of him.

We as a family would highly recommend Hannah and the services she offers. It has been a positive experience for us and Toby, and means he hopefully has a bright future ahead of him.

Hannah, we are so grateful to you for your unique and incredible skill set. You’ve made a huge difference to Toby and us. You really are so talented. It has been so wonderful to watch your work, with results from that very first week. Your passion for horses and their well-being shines through and I feel makes a huge difference to the results you achieve xx

~ Tess & Toby

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