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Sabre Holistic Therapies

Where Spirituality & 
Science come together

Leading the way in equine wellbeing, compassion and performance.

I work in an intricate way, getting to know the character and personalities of each horse. There are many insights I gain by working with the horses in the way I do. I follow my intuition when I work with the horses, bringing in my spiritual insights and practical knowledge to best help the horse.

The most successful case studies are with the horses who had the most sessions, having the opportunity to release their mind, body and spirit.

The bigger picture is always assessed and working with the different modalities helps to detect the root cause of the issues. The way the horse moves, along with ground and ridden habits are always a part of the picture. For example, if the lumbar tenses after ridden work, I would investigate if this is caused by biomechanics, saddle fit, muscle soreness, SI joint restriction or gut discomfort.

The therapies are both for horses with specific issues which need addressing and for those who need to release tension or relax.

Please note holistic therapies are not a substitute for veterinary care. A vet is the only health practitioner who can diagnose and I will ask for veterinary assistance when necessary.


The most effective and unique bodywork you will come across. The Masterson Method is done with the horse, by working with their responses. It's a non-invasive method which works on a very deep level to bring your horse back into a true state of equilibrium.    

The Masterson Method

The method alleviates soreness, strain and tension in the body. It helps to improve mobility and increase flexibility in areas of restriction. Every body system is worked on, specifically the fascia, muscular, skeletal and nervous systems. Every technique is done with the horse in a relaxed state, allowing the mind and body to release and truly let go.

Everything in the body is connected, the touch allows the body to bring awareness to specific tension points. When released, all the cells and tissue in connection with the area is also released. There is also a profound effect on the horse's emotions and relaxation levels due to the way the parasympathetic nervous system is worked with.

The method can help any horse with either physical or emotional issues. It is extremely effective in injury recovery, soreness, tightness, muscle atrophy or hypertrophy, lameness, imbalances, stress and performance issues.

The method works on the whole body with techniques ranging from very light touch to specific joint mobilisation. 




Individual techniques are carried out for different parts in the body. The misalignment is tuned into and the body tells the practitioner which way it wants to go. The ethos of Ortho-bionomy is to always go in the direction the body wants to, so you are not forcing anything. This way the body responds by realising the body part is out of alignment and corrects itself.

The techniques have many benefits including correcting alignment of the pelvis and rotation of the thorax to allow regularity and straightness. Restriction in the body is relieved on a surface and deep level. This helps the many systems to synergise and function how they should.

Ortho-bionomy is the perfect compliment to the Masterson Method, allowing the body to integrate, recharge and realign both inside and out. The techniques are great for horses who are recovering from injury, competing, ridden regularly or the older horse who tend to stiffen up. Specifically, the techniques help with back pain, joint problems, digestive and metabolic problems, trauma and nervousness.

Ortho-bionomy is a form of therapeutic bodywork, it is an energetic way of realigning the body. It is done with the body in a very gentle way which is very effective and relaxing. It has a positive influence on both physical and emotional disorders.


Usui Reiki is an energy based healing system based on symbols to heal and recharge the body. Angelic Reiki is also energy based, done with the Archangels and Ascended Masters to assist the horse in any healing needed. The techniques are very gentle but very powerful and effective as they positively effect the body on a cellular level.

Usui & Angelic Reiki

Both modalities can be done at a distance or hands on. Hannah will find a quiet spot to do Angelic Reiki as she needs to close her eyes and focus to facilitate the best possible session. She will use Usui Reiki during sessions whilst performing bodywork to reach deeper layers so the horse can release those root layers of tension and trauma more easily.

Both methods of Reiki are incredibly beneficial and crucial in Hannah's healing protocol. Deep healing can take place with both methods which is often missing in more traditional bodywork modalities.

The energy they receive in sessions helps them to strengthen their spiritual connection, especially if it has been suppressed or shut down. This connection is vital in the health and happiness of the horse and the effects of Reiki are truly profound. Horses are highly spiritual animals which is why they respond so well to sessions. They too are on their soul path and it's our responsibility to help them along their journey. This is especially true when they are out of balance and need assistance in regaining equilibrium in mind, body & spirit.

Advanced Photonic Torch Therapy


The photonic torch works with the acupressure points in the body, which are the traditional points used in acupuncture. Acupoints are the areas of increased electrical activity, when red light is applied to them they are very responsive, which promotes the healing.

The healing of the body takes place on the particular point, which affects that area and all the channels in the body related to the specific body meridian. The horses symptoms will help establish which meridian needs support.


The torch has a positive charge effect on the body and therefore reduces the cellular inflammation. Hannah loves to incorporate the torch during her bodywork sessions to further promote healing and help the body balance itself in a more timely manner.

The method can help in a variety of ways, whether the horse has a specific issue or needs general support by working with the meridians. If their is a gut issue, the intestine and hind end points will be worked on.

The particular points are stimulated which can change the information the brain receives and causes chemicals in the brain to be re-released which results in the body healing itself.

Photonic torch therapy, also known as red light therapy promotes the body's own healing process, immune responses and methods of controlling pain. The modality was formed from a combination of scientific and traditional Chinese medicine. It uses 660nm wavelength to promote physiological changes in the body.

Photonic torch

Crystal therapy has been used for centuries to help treat the body from injuries or ailments. Individual stones have the ability to communicate with the energy flow of the body, helping to realign their energy channels. Both physical and emotional ailments can be assisted by using crystals.

Crystal Therapy

Specific crystals can be used for the particular problem the horse has. Each crystal has different properties which enable them to be used for different problems.

The electromagnetic charge within each crystal has healing vibrations, each crystal is unique and has different frequencies which affect the body in a powerful way. They work to remove blockages around the body and ensure a natural flow of energy is promoted.


This helps the body to stay in balance, ensuring all body systems and particularly the immune system is kept clear and as healthy as possible. This helps the horse become more resilient, stronger and less susceptible to injury or illness.

Hannah loves finding the right crystal for each horse and seeing the benefits both shot and long term. Crystals have a very positive effect for horses, they respond extremely well to energy healing. They prefer healing on a level they can understand and resonate with, which is why such great results are achieved.

Crystals can help with specific injuries such as relieving scar tissue, kick injuries, muscular tension, performance injuries, tendon injuries and areas of pain. If an area in the body is stuck or finding it hard to let go, Hannah will use a crystal first which shifts the energy for the area to then release on a more physical level - it works every time!

Hannah also uses crystals as a form of relaxation and uses them to balance the horse's chakras. This is really important to heal all layers and levels of the body.



Zoopharmacognosy is the self-selection of essential oils, herbs and plants. The horse has incredible instincts and will select the product based on the compounds their body needs. Different chemical reactions happen with the different supplements, helping to support and balance their systems.

The method of offering oils and herbs is incredibly beneficial to both the horse and Hannah. The horse gets the support they need through the vast variety of supplements offered to them and what they chose helps Hannah to build on the overall picture and health needs of the horse. What they choose helps determine the area the horse is deficient in and whether they need support emotionally, mentally or physically.

The oils and herbs help to balance the horse's systems, supporting their mind and body and helping them to recover from the ailment they have.

The process can help support the horse's body inside and out. Specific issues can be helped with the oils and herbs, once the history of the horse has been given, Hannah will know which oils and herbs the horse is likely to choose.

The oils are a brilliant introduction for the horse, helping them get to know and trust Hannah. They are excellent at helping the horse open and release tension before bodywork, therapies or training. They are often the starting point when a horse visits the retreat, as they give a really good indication of the state of mind and behaviour exhibited during the selection session.


Hannah has staple oils she'll offer depending on the emotional or physical needs of the horse. For example, if a horse has had past trauma, an accident or is nervous violet leaf is always offered as it helps with anticipation of events happening, which reduces anxiety.

self selection

Correct training methods are incredibly beneficial in the performance, rehabilitation and relaxation of the horse. Whether the horse has a physical or emotional problem, certain techniques can assist in their therapy and progress you would like to see. Hannah uses Horsemanship and Classical training techniques to help the horse.


Hannah uses Horsemanship and Classical training techniques to help relaxation, flexibility, posture and the connection with your horse.


Different techniques will be used depending on the issue your horse has. Even if your horse doesn't have a particular issue, relaxation whilst working is always promoted by Hannah.

Classical techniques are invaluable in strengthening your horse and ensuring their long term health with the correct biomechanics performed consistently.

The changes you will see in your horse following the training will also assist in their performance or ridden capabilities.

The way the horse moves can indicate any problems going on with them, so ground and ridden sessions can help determine specific tensions or emotional worries in the horse.

The techniques are used for mind and body. They can help straighten your horse and ensure their posture is the best it can be. They can also help the mind of the horse and assist those with spooky or nervous horses.

Working with the horse is a great way to see what else might be going on and why they react in certain ways. It's also a useful tool to build trust with the horse before sessions, if needed.

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My horse was “not quite right” behind, and neither vet nor physio had been able to identify precisely what was wrong.  Hannah pinpointed one of the causes exactly, even describing to me the way he walked, without ever having seen him outside the stable.  She also spotted some misalignment in his pelvis. In addition to the physical issues that were addressed, Hannah’s sessions have somehow brought me and my horse closer together: we’ve been together for 11 years but had never fully clicked; we have now!  I can honestly say that I am enjoying him more than I ever have, and we’re doing things together that we never did before and loving every moment.


Hannah’s work may be “alternative”, but I can’t dispute the evidence of my eyes – and not just mine, but those of fellow liveries and the farrier who have noticed a difference in both my horses.  I now think of Hannah’s sessions as essential ongoing maintenance, like foot-trimming/shoeing, and so we have them on a regular basis.

Amanda, North Wales

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