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Pain free, happier in mind & body and achieved desired weight


"Hannah's work is beyond anything I've experienced before. She puts the horse's best interests above all and her magical techniques are incredible! If you're thinking of having a session do it - you'll never look back"





The Problem

George was in a bad place when I met him, he was overweight, had recurrent abscesses and a severe side bone in his right fore. He was in a lot of pain, had a negative mindset and was very unhappy. His body was sore from compensating so much, his joints and muscles were under strain due to his weight and the way he was carrying himself. His back, right hind, neck and shoulders were particularly sore.


Sadly, he wasn't given the correct trimming at 8 months old when the issue with his feet started occurring. He'd continued to receive poor farriery care until his ownership changed hands and he was rescued by Holly. This is when the side bone was discovered. George's outlook was very poor because of his multiple issues including previous untreated laminitis. The aim was to release his body tension and restrictions, improve his mindset and wellbeing, reduce his weight and improve his posture and of course correct trimming. He also stressed a lot, had separation anxiety and no manners.

The Solution

One evening George fell down in his stable he was in so much pain. I sat with him tuning in with him, giving him Reiki and offering him oils. Unsurprisingly he chose oils for pain relief, inflammation and calming the nerves. At this point George had a white aura and was deciding whether to stay in this life or pass over. He was very sad and had been let down by humans so badly in the past. George knew me well by this particular evening and he welcomed the healing and support. I took a photo of him and he already looked gone, an image I've still never shown to Holly.

He was broken and contemplating how much more he could endure. The session will stay with me forever. The spiritual support and encouragement he received during the session gave him hope. In just over an hour he was back on his feet and eating his hay. I worked closely with Holly managing his pain and comfort levels. We then decided it was best for him to come for a long term retreat stay with me.

The Results

George stayed at the retreat with me for 18 months, my focus was to release all remaining tension, give him a renewed sense of wellbeing, monitor his feet closely, do groundwork with him to improve his posture and manners. He'd become bargy due to lack of direction so he needed help with boundaries and feeling secure. It was also my goal to reduce his weight. Within 3 months he'd lost significant weight, his body was much more relaxed, he was using his body correctly and became a very sweet and loving boy. He is now very calm, more careful and doesn't suffer from separation anxiety.

I did a range of bodywork, crystal work, spiritual work, used oils and liberty training to help him enjoy life so much more. He responded incredibly well to treatment. For 16 consecutive months with me he didn't get one single abscess and was only mildly lame twice. This was huge for George as his main issue was constant severe lameness with recurrent abscesses and the pain from his side bone. His life was turned around with his retreat stay, he is now much happier and content in life. I adore Holly & George and it's been a privilege to be part of their journey. 


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