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Pain & restriction free with a perfectly fitting saddle


"Hannah's work is beyond anything I've experienced before. She puts the horse's best interests above all and her magical techniques are incredible! If you're thinking of having a session do it - you'll never look back"

The Problem

When I first started working with Candi it was for a bodywork session - she had the worst pain reactions I'd seen in a long time. To begin with Candi was anxious in her mindset and guarded in her emotions. Her body was very sore, she'd taken a break from ridden work which triggered her past tension & restriction which was never released. She was a show jumper before Steph owned her which put strain on her SI joint, lumbar, hind end muscles and hocks. She was very tight and restricted which concerned me, so we booked her in for regular sessions.

One of her main problems was her saddle fit. Steph had been sold a saddle but something wasn't right, she tried the fitter again and again, being told each one was fine for the horse. I assessed all of them and every one of them was causing detrimental problems, including too narrow for the spine, severe shoulder restriction and too long. They were all second hand and had very hard flocking. Steph decided to buy a new saddle with me, she wanted a correctly fitted and comfortable saddle for Candi following

the bodywork & therapy treatment programme.

The Solution

Candi needed help on a mind, body & spirit level. I started working with her through Reiki & Bodywork sessions which helped her mind relax and her body release the accumulated tension. Her hocks and muscle tightness were the biggest concern for me. She couldn't lift her hocks so I did lots of work here, helping her to gain mobility. The hock issue caused her whole body to tighten up. Once I'd done enough treatments to soften her body, I asked a chiropractor to treat her, who confirmed my assessment.

Session by session she released more and more with me. Her progress has been astonishing, she used to look miserable in the field, have no emotional connection and moved very stiffly. I also used essential oils with her along with Angelic Reiki sessions for her - the first had me in tears, this was desperately needed and helped her to let go on a whole new level. Since releasing her emotional tension and spiritual blocks her bodywork progress enhanced even further. I suggested she starts on Pure Feed veteran mix and Yumove joint supplement.

The Results

Candi is now pain free, has excellent mobility in her hocks and SI joint. She is much happier in herself and enjoys riding out a few times a week. Her whole body is moving more softly and she's much more balanced in her emotions. She's 20 now so enjoying a slower paced life, being barefoot and taking the feed and supplements has also helped significantly. Candi could have easily been written off, putting her stiffness and grumpiness down to older age. The key was to release all of this for her, so she could maintain ridden work which will significantly help her into her older years. The video below shows the level of relaxation and meditative state she can now reach after a treatment programme and regular follow up sessions. I treat her on a regular basis and this is the result - a very relaxed, happy and content horse who can move freely and enjoy the welsh mountains for years to come. She loves her new saddle with soft and supportive flocking, which allows her shoulders to move freely, her muscles to breathe with it sitting correctly on the longissimus dorsi muscles, with contact only as far as the second to last rib.


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