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The Sabre Pony Program


Whether your goal is to relieve your horse from the pain of kissing spines, address behavioural issues or strengthen the bond between you and your horse, we're here to bring you closer to your dream. We strive to achieve the best outcome for your horse, helping to remove the blocks in your way.

The treatment options are outlined below. To start with we'll begin with an assessment and treatment session. This is a great starting point as Hannah can assess your horse, whilst also giving their first treatment. Following on from the assessment, the Partnership Program will be recommended. By now, your horse will have met Hannah beginning the trust process, allowing her to reach deeper levels in this program. You will then be invited to come back for more Partnership Programs or book your horse in to the Partnership Retreat, an intense and in-depth experience for your horse, achieving the best possible results.

The assessment and treatment is all about getting to know your horse, gauge the level of the issue and back health. This helps Hannah to plan the long term treatment of your horse, to help them as best as possible. The treatment given is based on your horse's needs at the time, the first session is always a light bodywork session to release the surface layer of tension, also helping your horse to relax and let go emotionally. It's an amazing first port of call for any issue you are having with your horse. All assessments take place at the retreat, as it helps your horse become familiar with the beautiful surroundings for future treatments. If your horse cannot travel and you live within a 30 mile radius, Hannah can travel to you for the assessment. The assessment is £200 plus any travel which will be charged at 45p per mile.

The next step in your horse's recovery is the Partnership Program at the Sabre Retreat. The program is dedicated to working with your horse through groundwork, ridden work, bodywork and therapies. The appropriate sessions and treatments are carried out following the assessment session. This is an in-depth and intimate program dedicated to your horse's health and happiness. As they have already met Hannah and had their first treatment, you can expect even bigger changes as a result of the program. This is when things start getting exciting, as your horse begins to truly let go of their pain, stress, worries, tightness and tension. Once your horse has experienced the program and Hannah has received feedback on how your horse is doing, she can advise when the next program should be. Ideally 3 programs are booked within a week or two of each other to gain the most benefits and to see results sooner.



Half Day

The Partnership Retreat is a 12 month program where we work together to achieve the goals you have set for you and your horse. We will discover the root cause of any issues your horse is having and make a plan to resolve these issues. The program is an intense and all-inclusive to produce the best results possible. The retreat gives your horse all the training and therapies they need, plus it is a teaching program where I give you exercises and tips to ensure your horse is in the best health possible and to take your relationship to another level.

Your horse will stay with me for 7 days whilst I work 1-1 with them. This length of stay helps your horse to heal on a level they have never experienced before. Their mind, body & soul are brought back to their natural state of equilibrium which is where the true magic happens. Bringing awareness to every body of the horse is why I achieve such fantastic results. I use all of my therapies, giving a holistic approach which so many traditional modalities are missing.

Following the retreat stay, we have bi-monthly calls and bi-monthly half days at the retreat where we decide what needs working on that month. You are fully involved in the process and we adapt the plan to suit the needs of you and your horse depending on what has come up since the last session.

I understand your horse means everything to you and that you want them to feel better so you can move forward in a positive way together. There's nothing more satisfying to me than working with you and your horse to achieve your desired goals.

This retreat is like no other and your horse will experience treatments which have been tried and tested with phenomenal results. Every modality is for the long-term health of your horse with everything from their head to hoof evaluated. All methods are natural with a horse-first approach encouraging self-healing, correct posture, emotional release and spiritual awareness. You don't have to believe in spirituality for the results to work,  but don't just take my word for it! Experience the magnificent changes for yourself in your own horse.

Book your horse in for this life-changing experience they will love you for...



If you would like any more information or to discuss how the programs can help your horse, book your free call with me. I'm are very excited to see how I can help you achieve everything you have ever dreamed of with your beloved partner.

Speak soon and I look forward to welcoming you and your horse to the Sabre Retreat.


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