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Reschooling & Training


Horse training is a key component in the relationship you have with your horse. I train with safety, soundness & suppleness in mind. I have experience in Horsemanship, Classical Riding, Dressage, Showjumping & Groundwork.

I can travel to you for individual sessions or have your horse stay with me for reschooling & training. Training is a brilliant way to assess what's going on with your horse, how flexible they are and the condition of both their mind & body.

I train horses with issues, behavioural problems, emotional problems and those who would like to build condition in their horse. My training is done with the horse, not to the horse using kind yet effective methods. Posture based training is really important to me because it is a preventative measure for conditions such as kissing spines. I encourage self-carriage whether I'm training a pony or Grand Prix horse.

I offer lessons with you riding your horse and schooling sessions where I ride your horse. I will ask for the history of the horse and any current issues you are experiencing. I may suggest bodywork and groundwork as part of the process, to gain the most out of sessions. I have created packages to suit the needs of you and your horse:

3 sessions: £120
6 sessions: £240
12 sessions: £480

Each session is an hour long and the packages include travel up to 30 miles from LL13 0QQ. If you live outside of this area mileage will be charged or you are welcome to bring your horse to the Sabre Holistic Retreat for sessions.

The cost to have your horse trained by me at the centre is £550 per week. Please note, this is the cost for schooling only, if you would like a more comprehensive holistic package to include therapies and bodywork please see the programs page. Your horse's saddle fit will be checked before ridden sessions. Correct saddle fit is extremely important to me and will be included in the schooling price.

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