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Spiritually, emotionally & physically balanced on all levels


"The difference in Sandy's body and behaviour has been amazing. I never thought he'd reach the relaxation levels he has done with Hannah. He's much more content and happy"

The Problem

Sandy had quite a lot going on when I met him. Holly had heard of the Masterson Method and was interested to see the changes it would make to him. Being an ex-racer he had unreleased tension and restrictions in his body. In particular, his jaw, poll, back, hips and hocks.

In his mind he was in a nervous and stressed state, causing his behaviour to be unpredictable at times. He had severe separation anxiety which is when he would be at his highest stress point and could be difficult to manage.


He was in good health otherwise and it was Holly's aim to start riding him again after a 2 year break. 

The Solution

Sandy responded to sessions really well, he is on a high spiritual plane and is sensitive so he let the Reiki energy in straight away, this helped him open up for the bodywork which he also enjoyed right from the beginning. The more I worked with him, the more obvious the root cause was. His body needed help reconnecting which is exactly what the Masterson Method does.

Racing saddles cause major issues so there was a lot to release in his back and help his hind end flow with his back and front end. I also did essential oils sessions with him, helping to release stagnant trauma and emotions from his racing days.

We continued long term with these therapies with some amazing results.

The Results

Sandy has one of the most beautiful souls, he trusted me quickly and understood the spiritual work because it was like talking to him in his language. This is why he responded so well to treatments right from the beginning and throughout sessions. He is one of the most rewarding horses to work on, to begin with he would give the usual releases by licking & chewing, yawning and stretching. With Holly's dedication to sessions he reached the ultimate relaxation level, letting go of his mind, body & soul wholly and completely. He became so relaxed in sessions he would almost fall over, the meditative state radiating off him was incredible to be a part of. The healing taking place during these sessions was deep and profound. We reached a place where he was relaxed on a daily basis, his separation anxiety reduced significantly and his connection with both this world and the spirit world was more defined, so he felt more safe and reassured that he could access both worlds when he needed to, allowing himself to rest, recharge and release.

Holly bought a new saddle for him and she started riding him again. The relationship between them is beautiful and it's been a joy watching them grow stronger together and trusting in each other like never before. Always a special place in my heart for them both.


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