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Released past trauma & saddle pain


"Being able to get back in the saddle after Hannah's work has been the best feeling. We love our new saddle and have seen significant improvements in Annie's behaviour, both in the saddle and with her farrier, she is now very content with him"

The Problem

Annie had major issues when it came to being trimmed. She was bought with her past being unknown. She had experienced very poor treatment in the past and she was still holding onto this trauma, being fearful that she would experience the same abuse again. Her current farrier is gentle and patient but Annie's fears became unmanageable, making trimming her dangerous. She would brace until the point she'd shoot backwards the whole length of the barn to escape.

She also had back soreness from saddle pain. Whilst out riding she voiced this pain by bolting, leaving Malcolm injured after his fall. She could tolerate the pain to a certain point, but when she reached that point she'd react instantly and quickly to try to relieve herself. She was a very sweet mare but had a lot of fear and pain based emotions to release, along with physical tension and restriction. She had also lost her way spiritually, she was guarded and didn't give much away.

The Solution

Annie's treatment began with spiritual and emotional healing to help her feel safe, relaxed and connected to spirit. It is very easy for this connection to become lost when a horse has endured trauma or negative experiences of any kind. She was stoic at first but really enjoyed the Reiki sessions, she chose oils for trauma, stress, fear and anxiety as expected.

She was very sore in her body so I earned her trust with spiritual work and light touch techniques to help her relax. Once she realised our sessions were enjoyable and no harm would come to her she really started to open up in all areas - her personality, body responses and releases by licking & chewing and yawning.

The more I worked with her the deeper sessions became until we'd reached the root cause of the issues in her body and reprogrammed her central nervous system.

The Results

After one session she had stopped shooting backwards with her farrier and after 3 sessions she was content and comfortable whilst being trimmed, to the point she didn't have to be held and was falling asleep. It's easy for people to interpret negative behaviour as naughtiness but this is never the case. Annie just needed some help, support and love to help her let go of the fears she was still holding onto. She has a beautiful nature but was trapped with her emotional and physical trauma still being present in her mind & body.

I did a lot of work on her shoulders, spine, pelvis and sacroiliac to relieve her body from pain and restriction. Her previous saddle was too tight and narrow for her, causing the pain points she had. Once the pain had been released and her new saddle arrived, she was a different horse whilst out riding. She stopped spooking, napping and bolting which were here go to behaviours before the issues were released for her. I've loved working with her, she's a true diamond. 


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