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Willing to be caught & work with you. Emotional trauma released


"Seren became completely untouchable but after having 2 sessions with Hannah we can now get her head collar on, walk her out and about and groom her. We're excited to see what future sessions will reveal"


The Problem

Seren had suddenly become very frightened of people, she'd been in the same home for years and was content. Over the course of 5 months, Ursula had a number of professionals come to work with Seren from vets to trainers and behaviourists, none of whom could get close to her or figure out what the problem was. I was called in to see if I could help.

This issue alone was very concerning and the length of her feet were starting to cause problems. Seren's fear and behaviour was a mystery as nothing in her routine, diet, care or work load had changed. She was bought young for the family to bring on for the grandchildren, they were missing being able to touch and groom her. 

The Solution

As always my aim is to find out the route cause of the issue and establish the spiritual, emotional & physical health of the horse. Seren was in a fragile and fearful state, she didn't trust humans and was very guarded having shut down to protect herself.

When I first started working with her I had no intentions, I knew I had to help her to feel safe with me, allowing her to trust me enough to come to me. I spent the first session sitting in the field with her, letting her feel my energy whilst giving her Reiki healing. She responded really well from a distance and slowly started to come closer. She felt safe in the energy and knew it was helping her. She became more curious so I opened specific oils for emotional stress & trauma, fear and a lack of trust. She enjoyed smelling the oils one by one, releasing a lot between each oil. Her relaxation level was significantly increased from the beginning of the session. I came back a few days later, starting with the same process again whilst incorporating some liberty work. This was to further her relaxation and to trust me as a leader she could confide in and approach.

By the end of the second session she stood perfectly still whilst I placed her head collar on her, whilst she was in a content and relaxed state.

The Results

I continued to work with Seren, helping her overcome her trauma. I knew something had happened to her and I discovered a footpath ran through her field. My intuition told me someone had done something to her and this was confirmed when my good friend and animal communicator tuned in with Seren to find out that someone had stabbed her with a knife under her stomach. After releasing her fear and anxiety around something being done to her, she was unsure about her right side being touched, so I believe this was the side she was approached when she was attacked.

I worked with Seren for a number of sessions continuing with the Reiki and oils self-selection. I incorporated groundwork and bodywork sessions to release trauma stored in her muscles and help her to feel safe working with people again. Like any healing process, her journey had its ups and downs but together Ursula & Seren developed their bond and confidence in each other once more. She is now enjoying life as a ridden pony, having released all the trauma she endured. She's a special little pony and I'm so happy and grateful that Ursula never gave up on her precious unicorn.


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