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Emotionally open, pain free & trauma released


"I'm so blooming happy at the work you have done on her. She used to plough through jumps knocking them down. Look at her now, she was flying over them and didn't knock them over. Your fingers are magic"


The Problem

I was asked to come to see Nutmeg because she'd had a fall during a mounted games practice and Ffion noticed a deep indent in her gluteal muscle. She wasn't happy in her hind end at all, trotting away looking lame and bucking and she couldn't walk in a straight line. She had become very internal, not giving any emotion and didn't want to be caught.

I couldn't even palpate her body to begin with because she was so sore. She was shut down emotionally, had pain from saddle fit and her body was disconnected. She looked like two different horses put together with a lot of pain, tension and restriction in her body. She was bought because she had been a successful games pony, but Meg had reached her limit in both her mind and body. She couldn't function properly with the years of tension built up in her body. This of course affected her emotions and led her to be severely detached to spirit and life in general.

Her aura was black when I first started working with her, I've only ever seen two black auras in my career. This relayed how badly damaged she was in mind, body & soul and she needed help before her body broke down completely.

The Solution

Meg needed help on all levels, her body was in so much pain I couldn't start with bodywork even if I wanted to. She had to be worked with spiritually first which released the first layer of tension in her mind and body. I gave Meg Usui Reiki, Angelic Reiki and cleared her chakras with crystals. My first goal was to reach her on an energetic level to raise the vibration of her energy field, this was a crucial first step in her healing process.

Meg had a series of sessions including light bodywork and deeper techniques when she was ready for them. I realigned and reset her body, helping her body to reconnect with itself and heal on an intricate level. She was a horse who never relaxed or gave any emotion or affection. I used essential oils to help her let go of her abandonment and attachment issues which allowed her to open her heart again to connect with her family on another level.

Saddle fit was a major issue which was likely the root cause of her issues, she had time off to recover and wait for her new saddle.

The Results

After a treatment programme, Meg's aura is now a light purple colour which is a significant improvement from the black aura first seen. She has let go of years of built up tension and trauma from previous poor saddle fit. Originally, she was very guarded and reluctant to release or show any emotions. This changed over time as she felt safe to express herself and let go of the hurt and pain she was holding onto. Her personality started to come out, her attitude towards being ridden changed and she was moving much more freely in her body. She started waiting at the gate to come in, whereas prior to treatment she'd avoid coming in or engaging with the family. She is much happier in mind and body and is back out there playing games and jumping. Her relationship with her rider is better than ever, they enjoy each other more and are becoming more successful as a team. I'm really proud of this girl, she's overcome so much and learnt to trust people again. Ffion's commitment to the journey is inspiring and allowed me to carry out all the sessions needed for the original issues. It's a working progress with Meg, but so far she's doing great.









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