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Kissing spines pain relief, soft body & emotionally healthy


"That leg stretch made my day! He was finally releasing the tension that he had built up over years. Although I knew after Hannah being with him yesterday it would be the start of a long-term, on-going relationship, this morning solidified that for me. I am very excited for what we can achieve together, me, my horse and Hannah"

The Problem

To give you a brief history, Carter was diagnosed with Kissing Spines 2 years before Holly owned him, he was hunted and jumped from 3 years old. He had the ligament snip aged 9 and was then turned away for a couple of years before the owner decided to sell him. When I first started working with Carter, he was in a lot of pain, restricted, uncomfortable and unbalanced spiritually & emotionally. He was shut down emotionally, in an attempt to switch off the pain and cope. He had no manners, would barge and constantly challenge you.


He was very stoic in his body not wanting to give much away about how he was really feeling. He was very nervous and twitchy, being extremely sensitive to the touch no matter how light my hand was. It was clear he was in an angry place in his mind & body. He didn't trust people and used his left shoulder against you heavily, he'd avoid feel and contact and this was just on the ground. Carter's pain and tension from the surgery was never released which caused his discomfort and unhappiness, leading to his unwillingness and attitude.

The Solution


I started working with Carter on a spiritual & emotional level, giving him energy clearing, Reiki and working with essential oils. He responded very well to these sessions and we quickly started to form a bond. These sessions were pivotal in Carter's healing, they helped him to open up on a level he hadn't done before. They helped him to reconnect on a spiritual level, giving him the comfort and support he needed. He could then work through his emotions and express what he was feeling.


This level of work always helps the effectiveness of the bodywork which is what we moved onto next. I did many whole horse sessions for him, becoming more and more focused on his back, neck and shoulders over time. I also did training sessions with him, firstly horsemanship & liberty to help him relax and feel safe with correct leadership. I then moved onto posture focused sessions, using classical training techniques to bring him off the forehand, asking his pelvis to work correctly in order for his back and withers to lift.

The Results

I really couldn't have asked for any more from Carter, his progress has been phenomenal and an absolute joy to be a part of. I'm so proud of him and the changes in him have changed his life. He is now the most lovable and soft horse who wants to be with you and have fun with what's asked of him. Initially, he threw tantrums because he didn't know how to use his body in a relaxed way. From being very stoic to giving the best levels of relaxation I've ever had. His behaviour would often be worse the day after I treated him, with Holly reporting his negative attitude and biting behaviour to me. This reaction became less and less and he no longer does this. He was feeling the effects of the session on a deep level and needed to respond in the only way he knew how, until he learned it was safe to feel and let go.


He is now at the point where I turn up to sessions and he's already in the zone before I've stepped into his stable. He relaxes and let's go so quickly, he's lay down during many sessions and given a record number of stretches. I've never seen kissing spines cases stretch their backs like Carter does. A holistic approach is so important for this condition and if holistic therapies and correct posture training was used it would greatly reduce the risk of the horse developing KS at all. We got Carter to a place where he could be ridden, I sourced a saddle for him which he can move freely and comfortably in. He is a happy boy and enjoying everyday life so much more now he is no longer in pain or holding his emotions in. The holy grail of therapy is getting the horse to a level of divine relaxation so the horse can let go spiritually, emotionally, mentally & physically. Carter certainly did this and he is one of my most successful cases. I adore this amazing pair and can't thank Holly enough for keeping the faith through the process.

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