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Past trauma & physical pain released


"He loves his sessions and the difference in him is amazing!! Thank you so much! He is like a different horse, you have got old Simon back!"

The Problem

Simon had a few complex issues when I met him, before Beth owned him he'd had a hard hunting life in Ireland. This led to him having kissing spines, a tense and restricted body. He was also holding onto deep emotional trauma as he'd become very stressed and had varying behaviours such as not wanting to be turned out, he'd be difficult whilst being worked in the arena and would get so overwhelmed in his emotions he didn't know what to do with himself.


I'd describe him as being disconnected along with his nervous system constantly being in the sympathetic stage, with stress coursing through his body without an 'off switch'.

He had pain and soreness following his KS surgery which needed releasing, as well as the rest of his body which had been compensating to support himself.

The Solution

Simon found it difficult to engage and relax so I used a combination of therapies to help him come back to himself and feel comfortable. These included Reiki, oils and spiritual healing. I then moved onto the bodywork, starting with light techniques until he was ready to go deeper. I did lots of work along his spine, lumbar and SI joint areas.

Further down the line, Simon had been triggered by something in the present causing his emotions from the past to come surging back. Beth called me for a session, he had gone back into panic mode because of a change on the yard. I spent the whole session doing Angelic Reiki with him, it was a beautiful session and was what he needed. He went into deep relaxation and connected back with spirit, giving him the comfort and clarity that he needed.

The Results

The results seen in Simon are a testament to the importance of spiritual work. His spiritual and emotional health was very disjointed, causing the behaviours Beth was seeing in him. Equally, his body was in pain so amplified his feelings of being lost and agitated. He was stuck in old emotional patterns causing him to be stressed and in a fear state of mind all of the time.

Simon's life is now completely different, he's let go of all the trauma in his mind, body & spirit and is happy, relaxed and content. He enjoys being turned out and now prefers it to coming in, he's much more stable when being worked and is enjoying ridden work far more. He no longer stresses or exhibits any of the behaviour he did previously. Beth's feedback has been amazing, the change in him has been phenomenal and permanent following the session after he was triggered. Day to day life is much more enjoyable for them both and their relationship has soared, having a stronger and closer connection than ever before. Simon's story could have ended very differently but thanks to Beth's open mind and wanting to do the best for him, he's been given a second chance at life and loving it.


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