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Fluid joints, relaxed and more connected mind & body


"Percy absolutely loves his treatments, looking forward to next time. Thank you so much Hannah"

The Problem

Percy needed help reconnecting in his mind and body, his joints were stiff and his muscles were tense, being a show jumper he couldn't jump the way he used to or at the height he used to. He also didn't have the same enthusiasm he once did whilst being ridden.

Michelle asked me to do a session with him and the rest is history. I started working with Percy in 2018 when he was 18. He was very stoic when I first started working with him, he wouldn't give much away or release his tension easily. He was going through the motions of life and feeling the strain in his body.

His hocks, spine and shoulders were particularly restricted and needed work.

The Solution

Our relationship started by releasing the surface layer of tension in his body by working with Reiki and the Masterson Method. We continued with these sessions, each time his body becoming softer. We did an oils session to open him up even further, he chose oils for muscle soreness and relaxation.


Percy began relaxing more and more quickly as sessions begun. He freed up so much in his joints, muscles, fascia and spine. His saddle had caused back and lumbar tension so I spent time working on his withers and spine. His leg releases became easier, he wasn't able to lift his legs and do the releases when I first tried with him. I worked on the muscles in his hind end and stifles, also working with the joints whilst they were static before moving onto the leg releases again. Happily, he now has no trouble doing his leg releases, also doing hind leg yoga and able to do each technique.  

The Results

Percy's journey has been a joy to be a part of, he really opened up to me and embraced the relaxation that sessions gave him. His mind and body received the healing they needed, helping him to feel healthier and happier. He is back in the jumping ring and doing brilliantly, even winning classes once more. Treating Percy regularly allowed the deepest layers of tension to be released, with ongoing trust he felt safe to let go and completely relax giving him the breathing room he needed. His tension no longer accumulates in the way that it did because his saddle has been changed and our sessions keep him in peak condition for his work. As well as competing he loves to explore on hacks with Michelle. Thank you to this lovely pair for their understanding and commitment to the care needed. So proud of them for their achievements together! As with us, the horse is only as old as they feel.


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