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The Masterson Method

The most effective and unique bodywork you will come across. The Masterson Method is done with the horse, by working with their responses. It's a non-invasive method which works on a very deep level to bring your horse back into a true state of equilibrium.


What the method does

The method alleviates soreness, strain and tension in the body. It helps to improve mobility and increase flexibility in areas of restriction. Every body system is worked on, specifically the fascia, muscular, skeletal and nervous systems. Every technique is done with the horse in a relaxed state, allowing the mind and body to release and truly let go.

Everything in the body is connected, the touch allows the body to bring awareness to specific tension points. When released, all the cells and tissue in connection with the area is also released. There is also a profound effect on the horse's emotions and relaxation levels due to the way the parasympathetic nervous system is worked with.

How the method can help

The method can help any horse with either physical or emotional issues. It is extremely effective in injury recovery, soreness, tightness, muscle atrophy or hypertrophy, lameness, imbalances, stress and performance issues.

The method works on the whole body with techniques ranging from very light touch to specific joint mobilisation. 

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