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Shoulder restriction, back & SI joint released along with emotional trauma


"He loves his Aunty Hannah and his quality time with her. I hadn't anticipated such an immediate response with such severe pelvic and sacroiliac issues"

The Problem

I was brought on board to work with Murphy because he had mystery left fore lameness for two years, Rebecca had been down the vet and chiropractor route without any answers. Murphy had a range of issues going on when I first met him, they all linked in with each other. The pain and restriction from his left fore had a knock on effect with the rest of his body. He also had a sore back from poor saddle fit and balance with the previous owner.


His sacroiliac joint was sore and his muscles were very tight and restricted along with the fascia. He was guarded to begin with and his energy was on a low frequency which wasn't helping him. He lacked comfort and reassurance needing to release emotional trauma from the pain in his body and past experiences. He was very afraid of vets, even with an annual jab. He'd been through a lot and needed help on a spiritual, emotional and physical level.

The Solution

Murphy needed help opening up and trusting treatment. I started with an evaluation of his body, which made it clear where he was in pain and how bad the discomfort was. His back, lumbar and sacrum had the most painful reactions, with the shoulders being very restricted, especially his left side. I begun treating him with Reiki and bodywork, he was stoic at first but really started to enjoy sessions the more that was released. I introduced oils to him which he loved, choosing oils for emotional trauma and physical pain.

I worked with Murphy long term to get to the root cause of his issues, helping him to release on a very deep level. I released his back and SI joint first because they were causing him the most pain. I worked on his shoulders next, it took a while to fully release his left scapula because of the built up tension over a long period and the space he has between his scapula and deep shoulder and neck muscles was much narrower than his right side. The more I worked on him the less his tension built up, to the point it didn't need releasing. I also worked with Murphy on a deep spiritual level which was pivotal in his healing.

The Results

Murphy made phenomenal progress which was beautiful to be a part of. His body let go of so much muscle tension and strain, joint stiffness and imbalance. Following the release of his issues Rebecca started groundwork with him, reporting that she'd never seen him move so well. He was also full of beans! It was amazing to watch the changes in him from his fluid movement to his happy mind. I fit a made to measure saddle for him which gave him the comfort and support he needed during ridden work. He accepted and liked the saddle straight away which was lovely to see after him being in so much pain.

Working with Murphy so closely and spiritually allowed him to completely let go in his mind and body. We were very in tune with each other and some sessions he would just want the spiritual work. One of my most memorable sessions with him was working hands off doing intuitive anatomy. I scanned his body and worked on the area which showed up to be released, I then checked his body with my hands on technique and what I found energetically perfectly matched what I found physically. He released this tension through energy work and I had very little to do on a physical level. As you can see in his video he entered a different world and unparalleled level of relaxation. He drastically needed this work and the spiritual healing is the reason he trusted and let go on such a deep level. He is doing really well and will even let the vet vaccinate him whilst smelling essential oils to keep him calm (previously this required sedation and a chifney). Murphy couldn't have deserved this work any more, he'd had a hard working life and endured so much which is why he was so guarded. He's now loving life again and is connected and balanced spiritually, emotionally & physically. Thank you Rebecca, I love you and your beautiful boy.


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