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Ortho-bionomy is a form of therapeutic bodywork, it is an energetic way of realigning the body. It is done with the body in a very gentle way which is very effective and relaxing. It has a positive influence on both physical and emotional disorders.


What the method does

Individual techniques are carried out for different parts in the body. The misalignment is tuned into and the body tells the practitioner which way it wants to go. The ethos of Ortho-bionomy is to always go in the direction the body wants to, so you are not forcing anything. This way the body responds by realising the body part is out of alignment and corrects itself.

Hannah loves to use these techniques during a Masterson bodywork session because both modalities enhance one another. They work with the body in the same gentle way, so the relaxation of the session is always maintained, helping the horse to gain the most out of the session.


How the method can help

The techniques have many benefits including correcting alignment of the pelvis and rotation of the thorax to allow regularity and straightness. Restriction in the body is relieved on a surface and deep level. This helps the many systems to synergise and function how they should.

Ortho-bionomy is the perfect compliment to the Masterson Method, allowing the body to integrate, recharge and realign both inside and out. The techniques are great for horses who are recovering from injury, competing, ridden regularly or the older horse who tends to stiffen up. Specifically the techniques help with back pain, joint problems, digestive and metabolic problems, trauma and nervousness.

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