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Pain free, emotionally balanced & trauma released


"So happy this boy is pain free and loving life. He's a true life story for the magic of your work. I'm really proud of what we have achieved, Ben was difficult to manage. I never thought I would get there with him, thought he was too far gone, but he's come back to me. Hannah, I can't thank you enough, we are very grateful. Looking forward to our next chapter with you"


The Problem

Ben was 19 when I met him, he'd had a hard ridden life show jumping and hunting before Bev owned him. I'd describe him as a shut down horse, who was lost in his emotions because he was living in a constant state of stress. He never relaxed and would stress when away from his friends. He wasn't 'with you' and his body was tired, stressed and tense.

Ben needed help on all levels, he'd experienced abuse both emotionally and physically and he wasn't coping. His behaviour was erratic and he couldn't be hacked out because he'd get too mentally busy and have a meltdown, to the point Bev stopped riding him out because he was too dangerous. He didn't show affection and he found it very difficult to relax. He was holding everything together the best he could and didn't know how to express himself in a healthy way. His body was sore and restricted which contributed towards his apathy and lack of sparkle.

The Solution

Ben was very delicate to begin with, his body was fragile and very tight. I was careful in the amount of bodywork he had at first because his body needed to be able to cope. I used very light touch in the areas he was less sore. I used Reiki very early on in the process and let Bev know he'd need long term treatment. It took a couple of sessions but he became very receptive to the Reiki and enjoyed working with the oils. He soon learned I was someone he could trust and he knew what to expect when I arrived.

Layer by layer Ben started to release, first emotionally then physically. He was so hurt, he was like a lost little boy so he needed a very gentle and nurturing approach. I always looked forward to his sessions because he'd give more and more and his personality started to come out. He'd relax as soon as I stepped into the stable, I used a variety of techniques with him including the Masterson Method, Reiki, crystal points, oils and energy clearing - each one being just as important as the other. I also did a grief session for him after losing his best friend, he wouldn't stop screaming or galloping around the field so I did an emergency session with him. 

The Results

Ben is now a transformed horse, living life in a balanced and harmonious way instead of living in fear. He is pain and restriction free, his energy is clear and back at a high vibration - where it should be and he no longer holds onto the trauma which haunted him and affected him in his everyday life. He's content and his behaviour is stable, with Bev being able to calm him if she needs to. He no longer panics or exhibits the stressed behaviour he used to. His body changed so much from a fragile frame not able to take the weight of a saddle, to happily being ridden, schooled and hacked out. I gave Bev lots of homework in-between sessions to tone his muscles and develop his core strength.

I fitted a made to measure saddle for him, giving him comfort and allowing his muscles to breathe. I also did liberty work with him to help him express his feelings in a safe way, also doing an oils session at liberty, where he chose to be with me and take the oils in. Ben's whole life has changed, he is much calmer, he relaxes, he's affectionate, very sweet and his character is now shining through. He's an absolute joy to work with and I'm so happy Bev trusted the process to achieve these amazing results together.


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