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Advanced Photonic Torch Therapy

Photonic torch therapy, also known as red light therapy promotes the body's own healing process, immune responses and methods of controlling pain. The modality was formed from a combination of scientific and traditional Chinese medicine. It uses 660nm wavelength to promote physiological changes in the body.


What the method does

The photonic torch works with the acupressure points in the body, which are the traditional points used in acupuncture. Acupoints are the areas of increased electrical activity, when red light is applied to them they are very responsive, which promotes the healing.

The healing of the body takes place on the particular point, which affects that area and all the channels in the body related to the specific body meridian. The horses symptoms will help establish which meridian needs support.


The torch has a positive charge effect on the body and therefore reduces the cellular inflammation. Hannah loves to incorporate the torch during her bodywork sessions to further promote healing and help the body balance itself in a more timely manner.

How the method can help

The method can help in a variety of ways, whether the horse has a specific issue or needs general support by working with the meridians. If their is a gut issue, the intestine and hind end points will be worked on.

The particular points are stimulated which can change the information the brain receives and causes chemicals in the brain to be re-released which results in the body healing itself.

The torch can help detect which area or system in the body needs healing, which can contribute to the bigger picture of what might be going on in the horse.

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