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A Year Full of Happiness & Harmony: The Holistic Horse Health & Harmony Online Course

Hello everyone! I hope you had a happy and restful festive season. This year really excites me because it’s a year for actioning what we wished for last year.


2023 was about inner work, self discovery through reflection and spending time inwards. It wasn’t about results, it was about growth through introspection.


2024 is all about abundance, success, karmic lessons and stepping into your power. This year is more achievements based, it will be a year for taking responsibility for your own actions and putting in the work to create the life that you have been dreaming of.


With this in mind, it’s a brilliant year to work with your horse with those issues niggling away at you. If your connection isn’t as strong as you’d like or you’d like to help them heal, this is a fantastic year to start!

My online course Holistic Horse Health & Harmony was created because I want to reach more horses with this type of work. I want you to feel the level of connection possible with your horse by going through this process and I want your horse to receive everything they need, helping them to open up, release repressed emotions and any tension they are holding onto.


The course has been launched just under a year and has had fantastic results! The course has 8 modules and results have been seen and felt after module 1, with big changes happening after module 2.

What is each module on?


Module 1: Being aware and present with your horse

Module 2: Light touch and energy work

Module 3: How to work with essential oils

Module 4: Learn bodywork techniques

Module 5: Energetic work: Key junctions

Module 6: Releasing the spine

Module 7: Be your horse’s energetic lead

Module 8: Be your horse’s own healer


Whether you’re aware your horse has issues or not, these modules will help to identify them and help to resolve them. This is the first online course of it’s kind and I couldn’t be happier to be bringing it to you! You will learn techniques which will help your horse throughout their life and you will have lifetime access to the course.


Working your way through these modules with your horse is the foundation to everything. Whether you want to increase your horse’s performance or help them to release trauma, this is where you start.


I’m here to guide you, we have 8 live zoom calls together where you can ask questions and tell me what’s going on with your horse.


What are you waiting for? Join me on this journey of discovery with your horse! For more information and to book onto the course follow this link


Payment plans are available. The techniques in this course will help prevent illness, accidents and injury. Safeguard you and your horse and invest in yourselves for a happy and healthy future.

This course is for every horse and owner. You don't need to have any experience in working with your horse. The course is step-by-step, each module is released weekly with valuable information and demonstration videos.

I love following my client's journey and want every horse & owner to experience this. See you on the other side!

If you have any questions, feel free to email me I’m more than happy to have a chat.


This year is incredibly exciting and I can’t wait to see what you achieve with your horse! I have clinics and camps planned so keep an eye out for those and the retreat is always open to welcome you and your horse for an unforgettable experience.


Wishing you and your horse the very best year, full of health, happiness and harmony.


Lots of love,

Hannah xx

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