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Mind, Body & Spirit Horse Healing: How it can help your horse

I want to go deeper on the different levels and layers I work with, to help horses reconnect in mind, body & spirit.

I’m going to start from the beginning… So you notice something is physically wrong with your horse. Where do you turn?

It is my belief that unprocessed emotions cause physical ailments in the body. This happens when a horse is unable to deal with the emotions because it’s too painful or they are not given the tools to help them through the emotional imbalance. The suppressed emotions then manifest in the body as physical problems. The body is then carrying stress and an increase in cortisol will weaken the immune system. Your horse is now suffering emotionally and physically, with physical conditions showing up. Their immune system is now unable to heal and support the body how it should.

So we have to ask the question, when did these emotions causing all these problems start? Is your horse holding onto trauma? What is the root cause of the trauma?

We all know that horses will do their very best to hide any weaknesses because they are a prey animal. So they could be suffering on the inside for a very long time before they are helped.

The emotional and physical problems lead to the horse feeling insecure, vulnerable, weak, lost and in pain. Perhaps, worst of all, they have lost their connection to spirit. When they are not listened to, they shut down. They shut down emotionally, physically and spiritually so they cannot feel as much. This then blocks their spiritual connection and their ability to self heal and regulate their bodies.

The horse is now in a tangled mess, completely lost on all levels. They have likely picked up negative energy, because they are not spiritually strong or protected, making them feel depressed, lonely, ungrounded and like they aren’t even in their own body anymore.

Where do you start with the healing? How can this all be unravelled to bring back your magnificent horse and all of their incredible potential?

Spiritual healing is where I start. The very first thing I do is clear the negative energy which has attached to them. I then clear and protect their energy field and give Angelic Reiki to start the healing process, relieve the horse of their energetic burdens and open their mind, body & spirit to healing once again. I work on heart healing and the horse-human connection to help build trust and help them process their suppressed emotions. If they have trauma, this is also when the trauma healing work starts. I will connect with them to find out the root cause of the trauma and what emotions are associated with it.

You all know how much I love using essential oils, so I bring this process in next. They help the horse to release trauma, unprocessed emotions and physical pain. I then move onto hands on energy healing and light touch bodywork. When the horse is ready I then move onto deeper bodywork.

Working with the body is such an intimate and intricate process. I work with each layer of the body from the skin, to the fascia, soft tissue and the skeletal system. I take as long as I need to with each layer and each body part. I may spend 3 sessions on the back alone, before even moving to other areas. Horses often have deep tension and trauma in their backs so it will get all the time it needs. I use many different techniques when I do this and work with the horse, like it’s a dance between us, each of us communicating and going deeper and lighter with touch and techniques. Whilst I’m doing the bodywork, I’ll be channelling Usui Reiki too, so the horse is receiving healing.

Horses are incredible healers, it’s their body which is doing the healing and I help facilitate this and bring awareness to the areas of the body which need releasing.

This is my own process and the order in which they should be done to bring about the best results for your horse. How do I know this process works? Because I brought myself back to life after being diagnosed with a severe medical condition just before my 21st birthday. I was bed ridden, depressed and in pain every single day. I visited countless doctors in 3 different countries, none of whom could help. The reason I can live my life today is because of this process… Spiritual work, holistic healing, essential oils, herbs, trauma work and bodywork.

Horses love this process too. They are helped to resolve the root cause of their issue. They feel seen, heard, listened to, start to trust and open up to their spiritual connection and healing. They love the energy work, because energy is their first language. If all horses received these modalities, the horse world would be in a far better place.

Once the horse is in a much better place and ready, I always recommend classical ground and ridden work. Along with therapies, this will help your horse to use their bodies correctly, help correct asymmetry and help your horse to work in a relaxed way.

I have incredible professionals to refer clients to for classical work and any other modalities I feel will benefit the horse.

The spiritual and emotional work must be done first, to enable the physical work to have the fullest effect and benefits.

For me, this is a far kinder and compassionate way to help our horses. Otherwise, the horse will just shut down when they receive the physical work only, and it won’t be long before the physical or behavioural issues come back.

This is the reason for my process. The root of change is in being aware, listening to your horse and noticing changes, which is why I offer the below services:

  • 3 Hour Session

  • Holistic Retreat Day

  • Week Retreat Stay

  • Holistic Horse Health and Harmony Online Course for owners

I absolutely adore my clients and their horses. They are part of the change, they are brave and honest enough to admit their horse isn’t quite right, they are willing to try my techniques and listen to my advice. I am only interested in unconditional love, spiritual connection, emotional happiness and physical health for your horse. I am here for you and your horse, zero judgement, open communication and loving support.

I am always learning and always striving to do my very best for your horse. The human ego does not have a place in my world.

Contact me to see how my work can specifically help your horse. Change can be scary, but I promise you, your horse will thank you for taking the first step.

Love Hannah xx

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