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Usui & Angelic Reiki

Usui Reiki is an energy based healing system based on symbols to heal and recharge the body. Angelic Reiki is also energy based, done with the Archangels and Ascended Masters to assist the horse in any healing needed. The techniques are very gentle but very powerful and effective as they positively effect the body on a cellular level.

What the method does

Hannah loves to use both Reiki methods. She will often start with Angelic Reiki as she often picks up insights by working with the horse in this way. She regularly receives messages or images when working with the angels which gives insight into the issues from another dimension.

Both modalities can be done at a distance or hands on. Hannah will find a quiet spot to do Angelic Reiki as she needs to close her eyes and focus to facilitate the best possible session. She will use Usui Reiki during sessions whilst performing bodywork to reach deeper layers so the horse can release those root layers of tension and trauma more easily.

How the method can help

Both methods of Reiki are incredibly beneficial and crucial in Hannah's healing protocol. Deep healing can take place with both methods which is often missing in more traditional bodywork modalities.

The energy they receive in sessions helps them to strengthen their spiritual connection, especially if it has been suppressed or shut down. This connection is vital in the health and happiness of the horse and the effects of Reiki are truly profound. Horses are highly spiritual animals which is why they respond so well to sessions. They too are on their soul path and it's our responsibility to help them along their journey. This is especially true when they are out of balance and need assistance in regaining equilibrium in mind, body & spirit.

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