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Zoopharmacognosy is the self-selection of essential oils, herbs and plants. The horse has incredible instincts and will select the product based on the compounds their body needs. Different chemical reactions happen with the different supplements, helping to support and balance their systems.


What the method does

The method of offering oils and herbs is incredibly beneficial to both the horse and Hannah. The horse gets the support they need through the vast variety of supplements offered to them and what they chose helps Hannah to build on the overall picture and health needs of the horse. What they choose helps determine the area the horse is deficient in and whether they need support emotionally, mentally or physically.

The oils and herbs help to balance the horse's systems, supporting their mind and body and helping them to recover from the ailment they have.

How the method can help

The process can help support the horse's body inside and out. Specific issues can be helped with the oils and herbs, once the history of the horse has been given, Hannah will know which oils and herbs the horse is likely to choose.

The oils are a brilliant introduction for the horse, helping them get to know and trust Hannah. They are excellent at helping the horse open and release tension before bodywork, therapies or training. They are often the starting point when a horse visits the retreat, as they give a really good indication of the state of mind and behaviour exhibited during the selection session.


Hannah has staple oils she'll offer depending on the emotional or physical needs of the horse. For example, if a horse has had past trauma, an accident or is nervous violet leaf is always offered as it helps with anticipation of events happening, which reduces anxiety.

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