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Correct training methods are incredibly beneficial in the performance, rehabilitation and relaxation of the horse. Whether the horse has a physical or emotional problem, certain techniques can assist in their therapy and progress you would like to see. Hannah uses Horsemanship and Classical training techniques to help the horse.


What the method does

Hannah uses Horsemanship and Classical training techniques to help relaxation, flexibility, posture and the connection with your horse.


Different techniques will be used depending on the issue your horse has. Even if your horse doesn't have a particular issue, relaxation whilst working is always promoted by Hannah.

Classical techniques are invaluable in strengthening your horse and ensuring their long term health with the correct biomechanics performed consistently.

The changes you will see in your horse following the training will also assist in their performance or ridden capabilities.

How the method can help

The way the horse moves can indicate any problems going on with them, so ground and ridden sessions can help determine specific tensions or emotional worries in the horse.

The techniques are used for mind and body. They can help straighten your horse and ensure their posture is the best it can be. They can also help the mind of the horse and assist those with spooky or nervous horses.

Working with the horse is a great way to see what else might be going on and why they react in certain ways. It's also a useful tool to build trust with the horse before sessions, if needed.

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