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New Year, New look & New services!

A very happy new year to you all! I hope you've had a restful, relaxed and enjoyable festive season with your loved ones.

There have been a few changes which I'm really excited to tell you about! 2021 was a year of adaptability and going with the flow. This gave me the opportunity to really think about what the equine industry needs right now and for me that's increased awareness of the emotions and spirituality of the horse and how they play an equally crucial part in the health and wellbeing of all horses.

This isn't talked about nearly enough so I'd like to promote this as much as possible. This led to the renewal of my new services and website, tailored around helping to reach more horses, make a bigger difference and empower you as the owner to help support your horse in this way too.

Would you like to help your horse on a deeper level? Create a stronger connection with them and ensure they're in their best physical shape possible?

The new services below are the answer to your searching and questions. Whether you enjoy therapy work with your horse, trail riding or competitions these sessions will improve both the bond you have with your horse and their overall wellbeing in a way you and they have never experienced before.

Empowering Equestrians

Here to support you and your horse in a holistic way. A do-it-yourself session with tuition from me, learn the techniques your horse needs now.

This service is for you if you want to learn techniques yourself, to have on-the-go whenever you need them.

What better way to help your horse by learning the tools necessary for a true harmonious relationship & connection. Help your horse become healthier & happier by using these techniques every week and even daily.

Mind, Body & Spirit Sessions

An in-person, consultation, healing & tuition session. A transformative session helping your horse on a very deep level in all dimensions.

This session is intuitive and all-inclusive to reach the root cause of any issues and to release tension on a spiritual, emotional & physical level.

Sessions will help your horse to heal more quickly, let go of built up tension in their mind & body and give them a beautiful healing experience. Start seeing results sooner with this 3 hour session.

Join our new Facebook group!

The group is called Sabre Holistic Horses and is aimed at supporting you and your horse, hearing about your progress and giving tips to help you both along your journey together.

If you have a current issue with your horse or would like to find out more, get in touch to have a chat about how we can work together.

As always thank you so much for supporting my work and sharing this with anyone you know who may be interested in helping their horses in a holistic way.

Here's to a very healthy & happy 2022 with your horses!

Love and best wishes,



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