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Welcome to the Sabre Retreat!

Welcome to the Sabre Holistic Retreat! The retreat is a special place your horse can come to for back pain, saddle soreness, kissing spines and spinal surgery recovery. Hannah works with any horse and specialises in treating back problems by helping to uncover the root cause and treat both the mind & body to support your horse back to optimum health.

Hannah is a very experienced equine bodyworker & healer and having most issues she sees caused by back pain and saddle problems she is following her passion to treat these issues and help bring awareness for our horses' long term health and prevention of kissing spines. Horses are very close to her heart and she wants to do more to help these beautiful animals who are unnecessarily suffering.

Hannah is a fully qualified & insured Masterson Method Practitioner which is where her bodywork journey began. She has been adding to her experience ever since, incorporating new techniques with her findings in the body and from continually learning about these conditions.

Hannah has successful kissing spine cases where surgery was performed which hadn’t completed the full picture of the healing process. There is so much more to add and the rehab program following the surgery is absolutely crucial. Hannah enjoys working closely with vets to achieve the very best outcome for the horse.

The results Hannah has achieved are phenomenal. The most important factors for her is the happiness and comfort of the horse. She has helped reduce the pain, tension, stress and trauma associated with KS to the extent horses are now happy under saddle even with the condition. She has also helped countless horses with tense backs, helping to reduce the risk of the horse developing KS.

Every horse is different and each case is treated on a 1-1 and individual basis. They all have varying pain thresholds, amount of tension and emotional trauma levels. The releasing of which is crucial to recovery so the healing rate of each horse will be different.

Help your horse come back to health holistically at the Sabre Retreat. We're based at Trevor Hall, Llangollen, Denbighshire LL20 7UP.

Book here to begin the healing journey...

Much love,

The Sabre Team x

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